What’s On

An unusual time for everyone. Being in the art sector I imagined this would be a very quiet down time but it has proven to be anything but. Kicking off lockdown with a 1 month time frame to paint a UooUoo for the Royal Children’s Hospital saw me visiting an old warehouse in North Melbourne 3 days a week to socially distance myself from the other artists. The UooUoo’s are these sculptural works that will be on display throughout from the end of this year.

Secondly I was successful in gaining an artist in residency role with my local council for a 6 month period part time. Not quite the usual AIR that artists are familiar with, this one sees me working on a variety of projects and needs for the various council departments. It has opened up an intriguing view into the workings of council.

Bloomberg have been sending me on masses of assignments as Melbourne, being often the bridesmaid to Sydney, at least in international visitor’s eyes, now has all eyes turned upon it. From empty airports, barley fields, dairy farms, empty city streets, government stock pile facilities, housing developments, facemask makers in Shepparton, gin distillery hand sanitiser, you name it.

Looking forward to the next stage of unlockdown to get out and continue with other work currently on hold due to Stage 4 restrictions.