Dynamic Young Citizens of Brimbank

Date: 2018, 2019, 2020

Location: Sunshine Harvester Primary School, Ardeer Primary School, Derrimut Primary School, Albanvale Primary School, Deer Park West Primary School, St Albans Primary School

Description: Dynamic Young Citizens was a community project run through Brimbank council with funding by the Smith Family.  The program focussed on low socio economic schools and aimed to educate and celebrate young people who come from struggling backgrounds and family environments.  The art program within DYC asked the students to identify a cause within the community and brainstorm ideas for a public art outcome.  Over the 3 year period these ranged from:

  • A welcome carpet created in durotherm plastic (Sunshine Harvester)
  • A welcome seat and mosaic path (Albanvale)
  • An ANZAC memorial walk through (Derrimut)
  • A welcome seat and sitting circle (Ardeer)
  • Stepping stones and a native garden (St Albans)
  • A stepping stone and log leap game (Deer Park West)